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The Ohio State University – Columbus, Ohio
Senior Standing, 3.41 GPA, Provost Scholar, Dean’s List Spring 2018
Computer Science and Engineering Major, Business Minor
OCLC - May 2018 to Current - Intern
  • Worked with the data transfer team focusing on communication between OCLC and their clients. Wrote Perl, Java, and Bash code to track of file transfers and API hits. Graphed and collected metrics.
  • Created a Spring Boot API to allow managers to schedule actions without making changes to the code.
Macola Software - May 2017 to August 2017 - Intern
  • Designed and implemented a customer support API plugin that allows users to run a diagnostic service on their machine that gathers information to help our support team.
  • Programmed a polling service/business analytics website that polls clients for metadata to store and graph to gain insight on Macola’s services.
  • HackOHI/O - 2016: Mobile app project. Created a mobile app that allows people and businesses to share showings and watch parties with friends or potential customers based on distance and interests. Used C# and ASP.NET.
  • Macola Hackathon - 2017: Created a hunter/prey simulator using state machines and interfaces to direct programming logic. Behavior included hunting, mating, sleeping, and hiding. Programmed in Unity using C#.
  • AI Hackathon - 2018: Attempted to design and train a neural network to listen to an audio file and report on the sex of the speaker. Code was written in python using the PyTorch library.
  • ASA DataFest - 2018: Was granted access to indeed.com metadata relating to their Canadian, American, and German job postings in order to ascertain statistically significant insights. Research done in R.
  • AI Club - Member: Hosts lectures and workshops on artifical intelligence. Keeps members up to date on current advances in AI technology, as well as teaching students new to AI about basic techniques and skills. Also hosts events such as the AI hackathon.
  • BDAA - Member: Hosts lectures, workshops, and career fairs for students interested in business, statistics, or computer science.
  • Engineers Without Boarders - Member: Is currently in a five year program with the city of N'Jau in the Gambia, West Africa. Personal contributions include designing agricultural wall the EWB built in the summer of 2018, and design proposals and paperwork for the EWB central chapter.
  • AROUSE Student Radio - Radio DJ: AROUSE is a studen radio organization that allows OSU students to host live radio hours during the day.
  • Ukulele Club - Musical Coordinator: The Ukulele Club at OSU is a musical group of ukulele enthusiasts. The club works together to practice and teach ukulele, as well as prepare for public concerts. Musical Coordinator duties include picking, preparing, and transposing music for the club and helping teach and lead songs in meetings.